Technical characteristics of automatic Waste Metal Pressing Baler

- Aug 09, 2020-

1. The automatic baler uses high-quality material guide pulleys to effectively solve the problems of ordinary plastic guide pulley wear and PP belt jamming.

2. A high-strength blade with a hardness of 65 is used, which greatly improves the ability to cut the belt and the life of the blade

3. A resin caster is adopted, which is more convenient for mechanical movement, and the caster will not be deformed under long-term load.

4. Aluminium alloy frame is adopted, and the body shell adopts a combined structure. The carton packing machine can determine the size of the bow frame according to the size of the packaging.

5. All components are precision processed using NC processing equipment. The durability of the parts of the automatic baler and the unification of the connecting action are well guaranteed. For more packer instructions, please see other series.