The advantages of large Heavy Scrap Metal Sheet Compactor Machine

- Feb 18, 2021-

The superiority and scope of application of the large metal baler, wide application range, convenient filling, high pressure, bale weight of more than 1 ton per month, labor saving, high production efficiency, simple and convenient operation, strong and durable material box.

The advantages of large metal baler:

1. Convenient filling and large material box. The internal specifications of the material box are: 2*2.5*1.2 meters, 2.5*3*1.2 meters, 3*4 meters*1.5 meters. No matter how big the waste is, it can be easily filled into the bin. No need for manual gas cutting, saving labor and gas cutting costs. 2. The pressure is high, the maximum pressure is about 400-500 tons, and it is squeezed by three oil cylinders or more to ensure a high density of bales. 3. The weight of the bale is about 1 ton to 1.5 ton each time. 4. The labor cost is greatly reduced, because each time the filling and the packing block are all used for electric suction cups or hydraulic claws, it saves labor costs and saves time. 5. The operation is simple, convenient and fast, using manual reversing valve or remote control, PLC automatic computer control. The operation is more intuitive and simple. 6. The material box is sturdy and durable. The material box is all inlaid with manganese steel wear-resistant plates with a thickness of about 16-20 mm to ensure that the material box is strong and wear-resistant. The wear plate is made of 65 manganese and can be easily replaced at will. The large-scale metal baler has a wide range of application and is suitable for large steel plants, scrap steel recycling stations, scrap iron recycling companies, etc.