The advantages of metal power briquetting press

- May 18, 2020-

The metal powder briquetting press adopts advanced machine, electric, liquid and gas integrated control, with automatic feeding device, floating pressing, so that the product molding density is effectively controlled, protective demoulding and general demolding, demolding method can be adopted Choice, the hydraulic system uses advanced combination valve block to ensure the continuous and alternate stable work of the hydraulic machine; the mechanical block positioning and three-position positioning of the loading, forming and demoulding and no adjustment mechanism determine the stable and adjustable geometric dimensions of the product. Use oil cooling device. Adopt PLC and man-machine interface centralized control, and at the same time mechanical limit device, so as to ensure the consistency of products.

Advantages of metal powder briquetting press machine:

1. The hydraulic speed-increasing system cooperates with the custom-made speed-increasing integrated valve block, the speed is more than doubled, and the use efficiency is very high.

2. We recommend a suitable cooling system according to the working environment of the machine, air-cooled or water-cooled, so that the machine does not strike.

3. The briquette has high density and high density, which can be pressed to a density higher than 5.5t / m³, and the briquette will not break when it falls from the height of 3 meters.

4. For high-quality accessories, whether it is a valve body or an oil pump, we insist on giving timely feedback to long-term suppliers. Improve the design and quality of accessories.

Metal powder briquetting press machine is suitable for iron filings, aluminum filings, steel shavings, alloy shavings, high grade ductile iron shavings, iron powder, coke, nickel powder, nodular cast iron shavings, sponge iron, magnesium powder, silicon powder, slag powder The metal bottle caps and other metal shavings are pressed into high-density insert cakes (weight 2-10 kg) without adding any binder, and the cake density can reach more than 5t / m³ (different raw materials, press out cake The density is not the same as the weight), the pressed cake can be directly used in the furnace.