The briquetting machine integrates the use of scrap metal!

- Oct 20, 2019-

The briquetting machine integrates the use of scrap metal!

The structural characteristics of the main body of the briquetting machine are composed of upper and lower beams, hydraulic cylinder assembly, screw feeding device, mold, hopper and liquid filling assembly. The upper and lower beams are connected by a column and a nut, and the front end of the main hydraulic cylinder is flanged to the bottom of the beam. The mold is fixed on the lower beam and the mold sleeve is fixed in the mold. The punch is directly coupled to the top of the cylinder rod. Both the sleeve and the punch can be removed and replaced. There is a pumping cylinder located behind the lower mold of the main unit. When the front of the plate cylinder is formed, the bottom of the cavity is formed with the die sleeve, and the bottom portion forms a space at the bottom, which facilitates the falling of the cake block and has the function of pushing the cake out of the bottom of the mold. The screw feeding device and the hopper constitute an automatic feeding mechanism. The feeding of the machine is done by a screw feeder. The liquid filling system is located on the side of the beam to supplement the oil required for the master cylinder to advance quickly.

The "Raize" brand briquetting machine of Leize briquetting machine is mainly used for directly pressing cold-pressed iron scraps, aluminum scraps and other raw materials into cylindrical cakes of 2 to 4 kg by high pressure. The whole process does not need heating, additives, or Other processes to facilitate storage and transportation and reduce losses during recycling.

Due to the poor fluidity of the long chip material itself, the speciality of the feeding mechanism is greatly distinguished from the feeding mechanism of other briquetting machines. According to the difference of the raw materials themselves, the feeding mechanism is roughly divided into: spiral feeding; composite feeding. The actual needs are based on the nature of the user's materials.

The integral part of the frame of the briquetting machine is made of integral steel castings, which eliminates the cracking of the welded parts of the steel plate and improves the reliability and service life of the equipment. Using advanced hydraulic transmission technology and superimposed combination valve block, using high-quality wear-resistant oil seal, the cylinder is processed and assembled by the latest high-tech technology in China, thus ensuring continuous operation without weakening the cylinder pressure, durable and stable operation; computer control, high degree of automation , low failure rate, easy maintenance, etc. According to the user's situation, the screw automatic feeder and the chain automatic discharger are used to reduce the labor intensity of the workers.