The common trouble of waste paper packer and its solution

- Feb 12, 2020-

1. No or low pressure in hydraulic system

(1) The oil pump motor is in wrong direction.

(2) The overflow valve core is stuck.

(3) The valve core of unloading solenoid valve is stuck and does not act.

(4) The amount of hydraulic oil is too small for the oil pump.

(5) The pressure gauge is damaged.

The fan blade of the overhead motor shall rotate clockwise. If it reverses, the power line shall be replaced.

Check and repair the valve.

Check and repair the valve.

Add enough hydraulic oil as required.

Repair or replace.

2. No belt

(1) Three position four-way solenoid valve does not change direction.

(2) The door switch does not reset.

A. The touch rod is blocked by ash, which is not flexible.

B. The door switch torsion spring is deformed or broken due to fatigue.

C. Fatigue fracture of the touch rod.

(3) Three position four-way electromagnetic valve core is stuck and does not change direction.

(4) The plastic belt can not be pulled by hooking the belt pulley at the belt plate or other places.

(5) The front end of the belt moves under the movable cutter (the guide plate is not adjusted properly, and the collision with the cutter affects its return speed, even jamming the cutter).

(6) There are chips or foreign matters under the movable cutter, which can not return to the position, and block the fixed cutter edge, so that the belt feeding is blocked.

Check relevant circuit and repair.

Check the door switch.

Remove dust.

Replace the spring.

Replace the touch bar.

Check and repair the valve.

Check the belt plate and put on the belt again.

Readjust the throttle valve L1, see Section V, paragraph 1, Article 3 for details.

Jog to raise the movable cutter and remove the chips or foreign matters under the movable cutter.

3. The belt is not in place (the plastic belt is not sent under the pressure plate and touches the door switch)

(1) There is too much or too little plastic belt in the storage box (the belt with too much reserves is seriously deformed and the belt with too little reserves is blocked).

(2) The belt is winded disorderly, and the resistance of belt feeding is large

(3) The width of plastic tape is too large.

(4) The plastic belt is penetrated reversely (the curling direction should be toward the inner side of the track), and the feeding resistance is large.

(5) The delay time is short.

Readjust the pre delivery mechanism, see Section V, section III.

Organize the tape tray.

Cut off the partial width of the belt, or slightly adjust the width of the closing belt.

Press "belt running diagram" to re thread the belt.

Adjust the RP1 potentiometer.