The importance of daily maintenance of hydraulic system of hydraulic shearing machine

- Mar 21, 2020-

The hydraulic equipment in the hydraulic shearing machine is composed of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and other devices. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance in daily production, so as to extend the service life of the hydraulic shearing machine and improve the production capacity.

Generally, the faults of the hydraulic shearing machine are caused by many factors. Therefore, in dealing with the hydraulic faults, we must be able to understand the schematic diagram of the hydraulic system and have a general understanding of the function of each component in the schematic diagram. We should analyze and judge according to the fault phenomenon, and analyze the fault causes caused by many factors one by one in order to better solve and eliminate. In the hydraulic system, the flow of working fluid in components and pipelines is difficult to see outside, so it brings more difficulties to analysis and diagnosis. Maintenance personnel need to have strong ability to analyze and judge faults. Find out the reasons and parts of the faults in the complicated relations of machinery, hydraulic pressure and electrical, and eliminate them timely and accurately.

Therefore, it is required that the operator of the hydraulic shearing machine has the ability to analyze and judge the fault simply. In the production process of hydraulic plate shears, combined with many complicated mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components, we can understand the causes and positions of simple faults, so as to eliminate them in time and accurately