The metal baler is divided according to the pressure

- Oct 23, 2019-

Metal baler

First, the metal baler is divided according to the method of outsourcing:

1) Turn over the series.

2) Side push bag series.

3) Front push bag series.

Second, the metal baler is divided according to the pressure:

There are 60 tons, 100 tons, 135 tons, 160 tons, 200 tons, 250 tons, 400 tons, 600 tons and so on.

Metal balers are mainly used in the recycling processing industry and metal smelting industry. Various metal scraps, steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap iron, scrap copper, aluminum scrap, aluminum shavings, dismantled car shells, waste oil drums and other metal materials can be extruded into various shapes of qualified materials such as cubes and cylinders. . Easy to store, transport and recycle.

The metal baler adopts hydraulic drive, stable operation, no noise, fast extrusion speed, large extrusion force, compact block and difficult to disperse. It adopts high-quality national standard steel plate and advanced welding technology. The mechanical parts are durable and the failure rate is low. long life. A cooling system can be installed to increase the continuous operation of the equipment and reduce the failure rate. The cooling system can be divided into water cooling and air cooling. The cylinder seal adopts the imported GRAI ring, which has good sealing performance and strong pressure resistance. Easy to install, small footprint, no foundation, foundation, etc. Simple operation, detachable, automatic mode. Cold extrusion does not change the metal material and improve the utilization rate. High safety factor, safer than traditional hammer packaging, mechanical packaging, etc.

Metal baler for the industry: metal recycling industry. Metal scrap can be packed in a package to reduce storage space, and the block metal package is easy to handle. Waste car dismantling industry. Waste cars can be cut and squeezed. Metal casting and smelting industry. Scrap metal scrap, metal shavings and metal shavings can be packaged. Hardware industry. Scrap metal products can be extruded and packaged for recycling. The machining industry. Packaging and compacting of scrap, scrap, powder and other metal materials can greatly help the workshop environment, waste recycling and human resources.