The necessity of Automatic Metal Baler

- Jan 27, 2021-

The metal baler can squeeze a variety of metal raw materials into qualified materials. The necessary equipment for the recycling and processing industry and metal smelting industry of this equipment is introduced in detail below.

1. Extrusion of waste metal raw materials

The metal baler can squeeze waste metal raw materials into qualified materials, such as squeezed waste oil drums, squeezed metal scraps, squeezed steel scrap, squeezed steel shavings, squeezed copper scrap, squeezed scrap iron, and squeezed aluminum scrap , Extrusion disassembled car shells, extruded aluminum shavings and other waste metal raw materials, after extrusion, the waste metal raw materials become qualified charge.

2. Facilitate the recycling of scrap metal materials

The shape of the waste material after extrusion is of different shapes such as a cylinder or a rectangular parallelepiped. It is convenient to store, transport or recycle materials.

Metal balers are used in the metal smelting industry and recycling processing industry. If there is a demand for such equipment, choose products from reputable manufacturers.