The solution to the abrasion of the baler

- Feb 18, 2020-

Scrap baling machine is a kind of large-scale machinery, which has a long service life. In the long-term use process, it is inevitable to wear. After the packer is worn, it will have a certain impact on its operation more or less, and it will also bring a certain loss to the enterprise. Therefore, the scrap baler should be treated in time after it is worn out to make it work normally.

In the process of using the scrap baler, its temperature will continue to rise. Once it does not work, the parts of the baler will cool down, and the volume of the connected parts will also affect each other to produce internal force changes. If its internal force exceeds the maximum resistance pressure of the parts, it will break. At this time, the scrap baler can not continue to work. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the use of scrap packer.

When the scrap packer is in use, it is found that the parts are deformed, so it is necessary to repair them and change the deformation of the parts. When you use it again, be careful. In the maintenance of the packing machine, we should consider from many aspects. It is better to calculate the load-bearing of the parts, so as not to make the parts unbalanced.

At present, the use range of packer is very wide. We need to know more about the use characteristics and methods of packer, so as to ensure the normal use of packer and reduce the failure probability of packer.