The structure and source of Double Shaft Crushing Machine

- Nov 25, 2020-

The original intention of the design is to crush domestic and industrial waste. The double-shaft crusher is a double-shaft shearing crusher that crushes materials into small-size materials by cutting, squeezing and tearing the materials. The emergence of dual-shaft crushers has made up for the limitation that hammer crushers, jaw crushers and other crushers can only crush brittle and hard materials such as coal, salt, gypsum, bricks, and limestone. The dual-shaft crusher is Mainly used to crush construction waste, industrial waste, domestic waste, municipal waste, garden waste, medical waste, kitchen waste, biomass crushing machine. The main components of the double-shaft crusher are: motor, reducer, knife shaft, crushing knife, knife box, electric control and frame, according to different crushed materials, it can be equipped with pushers, fire extinguishing equipment, etc.