The use of Heavy Scrap Metal Sheet Compactor Machine

- Feb 16, 2021-

Hydraulic balers are now widely used in industrial applications. The main purpose of hydraulic balers is to temper the deformation of steel in steel. It can deform steel into various shapes for use. It reduces the burden of transportation during the transportation process. At the same time, it also reduces the transportation cost and improves the operating efficiency of the steel plant.

The working principle of the hydraulic baler is very simple. It uses the photoelectric principle to control the circuit. In the circuit operation, it is a double circuit, and the two circuits work together. A series of operations such as deformation and blending are completed and packed. The hydraulic baler does not need to be manually operated during the packing process, he will take the initiative to pack its products.

The hydraulic baler should be used correctly in the application. The operator must strictly abide by the operating rules and insist on protection during the operation process to extend the working time of the hydraulic baler. Therefore, before using the hydraulic baler, you must first understand the hydraulic baler The operating procedures are clarified before operation.