The Waste Metal Pressing Baler is highly adaptable to the environment

- Sep 04, 2020-

The baler is packaged after tightening, heat capacity, cutting tape and bonding. The carton waste paper packer can be packed regardless of size. It can be packed without adjusting the machine. It is a mechanical structure. It uses imported cotton baler parts. The rear blade is stable and reliable. It is easy to adjust and the price of the baler is reasonable. When the ultrasonic generator is working, the ultrasonic energy is converted by ultrasonic energy.

Flash point of automatic shearing machine: using this shearing machine, the incision is intact and beautiful, the cutting edge is smooth, the edge is not scattered, the shearing effect; this shearing machine adopts PLC console, automatic feeding, computer counting, high precision , Fast speed, easy and fast length adjustment, high efficiency, and can cut multiple strips at the same time.

Mostly used for gift belts, strip nylon belts. In the production of shearing machines, strips such as ribbons, diagonal knives, dovetails and other shapes; this product is generally suitable for packaging, metal processing, plate shearing and other industries. The recent full-automatic shearing machine (ultrasonic tape cutting machine) uses ultrasonic welding technology to separate from traditional shearing. Its outstanding shearing effect is loved by friends everywhere.