The working principle of Scrap Metal Shaving Baler

- Feb 08, 2021-

The packaging process of the metal baler consists of four links: belt feeding, tightening, cutting, hot pressing and posting.

In the belt conveying process, the belt conveying wheel is rotated counterclockwise by the belt conveying wheel, and the friction between the toothed belt wheel and the packing belt is used to transport the packing belt forward along the packing belt channel.

Until the end of packaging, the belt is in contact with the micro switch of the belt stopper to stop the belt feeding and the belt is in the packaging position.

In the process of tightening the strap of the metal strapping machine, the right paw lifts the pressure belt, the pulley rotates clockwise, and the same friction force is used to take out along the track.

The trajectory of the blade is released under the action of the tension of a bag of belts, so that the continuous outlet of the packaging is used until the packaging surface is tightened, and the tension arm is swayed downward, and then fully tightened.

Next is the cutting and ironing process. The left paw rises and presses down the two layers of packing straps, the blocking table comes out, the hot head follows, and begins to heat the two ends of the packing strap, this is the pressure block rising and cutting the packing strap.

Then there is the posting process of the metal baler. The actual position at the end of the perm and the pressure block continues to rise, pressing the two layers of heating packaging belts together to complete the packaging action.