Three working principles of common metal packing machine

- Feb 16, 2020-

(1) Full automatic packer: it is widely used in food, medicine, hardware, chemical industry, clothing, post and other industries. It is suitable for carton packing, paper packing, package letter packing, medicine box packing, light industry packing, hardware tool packing, ceramic products packing, auto parts packing, daily chemical products packing, sports goods packing, equipment packing and other industries Automatic packing and bundling of small goods. Features: modular aluminum alloy bow frame design, convenient for disassembly and assembly; fully automatic design, more convenient for operation; the maximum size of the bundle is determined by the bow frame, and the bow frame can be customized according to the user's needs; motor, reducer, cam, tightening arm operation; excellent packing tightness, less failure, convenient for maintenance; soft packing action, excellent durability, perfect packing function; beating After the package is finished, the motor stops immediately, saving power and practical

(2) Semi automatic packaging machine: integrated circuit design: new circuit design, using plug-in circuit board to control the whole packaging action and hot head temperature, circuit board replacement is quite convenient. Instant heating and immediate packaging: it is the first design of hot melt of rapid heating system, which can make the hot plate work in 5 seconds and enter the best packaging state. Automatic stop device, power saving and practical: when the baling action is completed and the operation is stopped within 60 seconds, the motor will automatically stop and enter the standby state. New brake design: the special spring design is adopted for the brake with disc to ensure smooth and noiseless feeding. Compact yarn unit

(3) The steel belt packer is a machine that uses steel belt to wind products or packages, then press the tightening key to tighten the redundant steel belt, make the steel belt close to the products or packages, and then melt the two sides of the steel belt through thermal effect or use steel buckle and other materials to connect the two sides of the steel belt. The main function of the steel belt packer is to make the steel belt cling to the surface of the bundled products or packages, to ensure that it will not be scattered due to the loose binding in the transportation and storage, and also has the function of making the products bundled orderly and beautiful; to avoid disorderly placement and save storage space.