Trouble shooting of baler

- Mar 12, 2020-

Fault 1. The machine is not working, but the pump is still running

Reasons: 1. The rotation direction of the motor is reversed;

2. The motor is connected into a single phase;

3. The voltage of the Magda terminal is too low;

4. The hose of hydraulic pipeline leaks or is caught;

5. The pump coupling keyway leaves the pump shaft;

6. Liquid level in the tank, correct if necessary;

7. The suction filter of the oil tank or the ventilation cover at the top is blocked;

8. The suction pipeline device is loose and the suction port of the pump has capillary cracks;

9. The solenoid is activated;

10. The hydraulic pump is broken.

Problem 2: the machine is running too slowly

Causes: 1. Something is blocking the suction filter, ventilation cover or pressure filter, or the hose is caught;

2. Motor voltage is low;

3. Thin or thick oil

Fault 3: motor overheating

Reasons: 1. The voltage is too low;

2. Adjusted working pressure is too high

3. Wiring error;

4. Pump overheating due to lack of oil;

5. The oil is too thin or too thick;

Fault 4: oil leakage or oil spraying from the oil tank

Cause: the air vent block causes the tank pressure to increase, causing the oil to spray out. Clean the vent hole or change the vent device.

Problem five: the machine can 't work, the motor can' t work

Cause: 1. The control fuse is blown;

2. Motor starter overload off.

3. Lead fuse is blown, single-phase motor and disconnected motor starter are overloaded;

4. The transformer has problems;

5. Problem with button