Troubleshooting of Push Out Waste Metal Baler

- Feb 23, 2021-

1. PP tape in the storage box

Check the storage capacity of PP tape in the storage belt box. The PP belt should not be too much or too little. The length should be adjusted to 1.5 times the total length of the bow frame to ensure that there are enough PP belts in the storage belt box. Affect the next package.

2. Putting on PP belt

Due to frequent belt changes, it is often easy to overlook the correct way to wear PP belts. The belts should be worn in strict accordance with the operating regulations. Do not omit a link for the convenience of the diagram.

3. No cutting

The reasons for this failure may be:

1. The belt adjustment is too tight. At this time, it is necessary to lower the belt drive seat or adjust the position of the motor backward.

2. There is oil in the big slip belt, at this time the belt must be removed and cleaned.

3. The gap between the unwinding rollers is too large, so use a thinner belt.

4. The delivery is not smooth

1. Check the installation of the pp packing belt, and install the pp belt correctly according to the installation diagram on the machine.

2. Check the storage amount in the storage box and adjust it to 1.5 times the total length of the bow frame.

3. Adjust the delivery time, adjust the time correctly according to the size of the bow frame.

4. Check the pressure of the feeding belt and adjust the force according to the thickness of the PP belt.

5. Check the right belt, whether it is too high or too low, adjust it.

6. Check whether there is any foreign matter in the threading groove and clean it. Whether the blades of the bow frame are flexible and adjusted.

5. Unsuccessful withdrawal

Troubleshooting method:

1. Check whether the unloading time is correct, and adjust the time correctly according to the size of the object.

2. Adjust the compression force of the retraction belt, and adjust it correctly according to the thickness of the pp belt. (Refer to the manual for adjustment information)

3. Check the tightness of the belt feeding and unwinding motor belt and adjust it.

4. Check whether the upper and lower rollers of the feeding and rewinding belt are flexible and whether the bearings are damaged. Whether the belt groove is worn.

6. PP tape falls off

Method of exclusion:

1. The heating element is damaged.

2. The temperature of the heating element is adjusted too high or too low.

3. The position of the heating element is incorrect.

4. The screws of the heating plate are loose

5. The pressure of the second cutter is not enough when it is pushed up.

6. Excluding the above, if sometimes the temperature of the electric heater is still unstable, it may be necessary to replace the temperature adjustment transformer of the electric heater.