What are the reasons for the poor packaging effect of the Waste Metal Pressing Baler?

- Aug 27, 2020-

The poor packaging effect of the baler is caused by many reasons. The main factors are the main body of the baler, the baler, and the baler. For a perfect packing effect, the quality of the packing belt must pass, the packing machine equipment should be perfect, and the packing personnel should be skilled in the operation of the equipment. Today, Jinan Samsung baler manufacturers share with you several reasons why the baler packaging effect is not good. In the case of determining the quality of the packaging belt and the correct operation of the packaging personnel, the packaging effect is still not ideal, and it is necessary to find the reason from the packaging machine itself.

The first reason may be due to improper adjustment of the tightening force. There are actually two reasons for this situation. One is the excessive adjustment of the tightening force, which is mainly manifested in that the packing belt is deeply trapped in the carton and the packaged items are damaged; the other is that the tightening force is too small. The form of the expression is that the packing belt is tightly tightened and cannot play the role of binding.

The second reason is that the adhesive effect of the packing tape is not good. Poor adhesion does not completely mean that the baler is faulty. It may also be that the quality of the baling belt itself is not good, which may also cause such a result. But if this situation is ruled out, there may be a problem with the baler's scalding head. Either the temperature is adjusted too high, or both layers of the baling tape are scalded, or the scalding head temperature is too low, and the baling tape is not fully scalded. Change.

The third reason is that the band cutting effect is not good. A perfect packaging process should be good cutting tape and good adhesion, but if the packaging machine is used for a long time or is seriously worn, there will be a bad situation in the packaging tape cutting, which will seriously affect the packaging effect.

Finally, the editor here reminds all the packing staff, no matter what kind of situation caused the poor packaging effect, it should be resolved in time. The packaging effect will directly affect the state of the item during transportation or storage. Loss!