Work flow of baler

- Jan 17, 2020-

The belt is sent to the position → the binding signal is received → the brake is released, and the main motor is started (1) → the right jacking knife is raised, and the right belt is countered at the sliding plate (2) → "t" guide plate is retreated (3) → the proximity switch senses the unwinding probe (4) → the main motor is stopped, and the brake is engaged (5) → the unwinding motor of the baler is rotated, and the unwinding belt is 0.35s (6) → the belt is tightened and bound on the object (7) → the main motor is started twice, and the brake is set Pull in (8) → pull the belt for the second time with the big swing bar, tighten the belt (9) → lift the left top body, press the lower belt (10) → the heating piece extends into the middle of the two belts (11) → lift the middle top knife, cut the belt (12) → lower the middle top knife (13) → lift the middle top knife again, so that the two belts are firmly bonded (14) → lower the middle top knife, lower the left and right top knives at the same time (15) → reset the heating piece (16) → slide back (17) → "t" type Guide plate reset (18) → proximity switch senses belt feeding probe (19) → belt feeding motor starts to drive belt feeding (20) → big swing rod reset (21) → belt is in place, with head to "t" guide plate (22) → proximity switch senses double probe (23) → main motor stops running, brake is engaged (24) → packer completes a working cycle.