Working principle of Container Metal Shear Machine

- Nov 15, 2020-

Scrap steel processing is a processing method of using a crusher to crush steel scrap, and using a sorting system to sort the crushed steel scrap to obtain pure high-quality steel scrap. Its working principle is that under the continuous drive of a high-speed, high-torque motor, the hammer on the rotor of the crusher takes turns to hit the scrap steel into the cavity. Under the strong impact, the scrap steel is torn and squeezed into a certain size of crushing. After the steel is processed by the sorting equipment, high-quality crushed steel with higher purity can be obtained. The scrap steel processed by the crusher has the following characteristics: the material shape is neat and the specifications are similar; there is a higher pile density; there are fewer attachments; and the purity is higher. The use of crushed steel for iron and steel smelting has the following advantages: high yield; stable chemical composition of molten steel, low sulfur and phosphorus content; shortened smelting cycle; extended furnace lining life; reduced air pollution and slag; electricity consumption per ton of molten steel The amount is reduced.