Aluminum Stamping Press Machine

Aluminum Stamping Press Machine

Aluminum stamping press machine is used for the compression and and shearing of various light and heavy scrap metals comes from indstriul production and everyday life, such as light metal structural parts, and various plastic non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper materials, etc.) or directly extruding and cutting the above waste materials into smaller size for transportation and reusing process.
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Aluminum stamping press machine can pack all kinds of waste paper, waste plastic, waste cloth, clothing, quilt, pillow, pillow, straw, cotton, straw, cereal and so on, so that the volume is doubled and reduced. Improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, transport and reduce the storage space of the best choice. The Hydraulic scrap metal baler machine has the characteristics of compact structure, strong solidity, economical and practical, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

Scrap Tin Cans Baler

Scrap Steel Metal Baler


All the models driven by hydraulic,option can be manual or PLC automatic control.

No need foundation bolts for installation,power can be generated by diesel when no power at site.

Bale out type:turn over,side push and front push.

Extruding force has 8 classes from 63tons to 400tons and production efficiency is from 0.5tons per hour to 20 tons/hour.

The chamber box size and bale size can be customized as per material size,two sides of feeding chamber fixing blades is an optional.


1.  Installation, training and after-sale service

2.  ExcellentOEM, our design, producing, QC and R&D are strictly followed ISO9001, the best process and quality control system

3.  Top brand parts, prompt delivery time and 12-24 months warranty.

4.Working Principle

1. Start the motor, push the manual valve handle inward to raise the pressure plate, and then pull the handle to the middle of neutral for stop.

2. Open the door and lay the iron wire for packing, close the door;

3. Fill materials to the stock bin, pull the manual valve handle outward, and the pressure plate will lower and compact the material.

4. Push the handle inward to rise and refill, repeat the above operations until the height and size of the bag are good.

5. Open the side door,standing on the side, knocks on the doorknob with an iron pipe, secures the iron wire joint, and pushes out the bag.

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