Factory Price Disintegrated Car Shell Baler Push Out Machine

Factory Price Disintegrated Car Shell Baler Push Out Machine

Factory Price Disintegrated Car Shell Baler Push Out Machine is our main product.Controlled by manual hand valve.Operate easily and safe.For scrap metal recycling.To compress,or to cut different kind of scrap material to reduce the volume,and make it more convenient and higher efficiency during transportation and reusing process.
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Product Details

1. Application:

1. Factory Price Disintegrated Car Shell Baler Push Out Machine press the leftover of all kinds of metal material, including steel shavings, scrap tel, scrap aluminum,scrap copper,scrap stainless steel to be qualified in the shape of cuboid,octagon,cylinder and so on, which increases the speed of casting.

2. The purpose is reduce the costs of transportation and smelting.

3. This hydraulic scrap metal baler machine is mainly applicable to steel mills,recycling industries and ferrous metallurgical works.

4. Compression box size,bale size,bale shape can be customized according to clients requirement.

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2.Product Details and Structure style



♠ All hydraulic scrap metal baler  machines are hydraulic-driven with alternatives of manual or automatic control .

♠ Bale-discharging alternative : turn-out , push-out , forward or manual discharging .

♠ No fang bolts needed for installation ; diesel engine can be used as power when electric power is unavailable .

♠ There are ten grades of baling force from 63 to 630 tons .

♠ The size of hydraulic scrap metal baler can be custom made as per customers .

4.Application cases


5.Our Quality Control

6.Our customers have a wider range of processing choices for transportation mode

By Express ( FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS, etc... )

--- Advantage: Fast ( takes about 7 - 10 days in the delivery ), door to door

--- Disadvantage: A little expensive

By Air Transportation

--- Advantage: Fast ( takes about 8 - 12 days ), a little cheaper than Express.

--- Disadvantage: You need to take the goods from the airport by yourself.

By Sea ( Ocean ) Transportation

--- Advantage: Much cheaper than Express or Air transportation.

Disadvantage: Slow and you need to take the goods from your destination port by yourself.

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