Light Waste Metal Bailing Press

Light Waste Metal Bailing Press

Y81 series light waste metal bailing press machine is generally designed in horizontal structure. By bale ejection methods, it is classified into three types, the turn out type, side push out type and forward out type. The cross section of the bale is square, rectangular, octagonal, cylindrical or shaped specially.
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Y81 series light waste metal bailing press machine  is suitable for the steel plants, recycling companies, ferrous & non-ferrous metal smelting industry to compress metal scrap(steel parings, waste steel, waste copper & aluminum, waste stainless steel, scrap from discarded automobiles) into acceptable furnace charges of cuboids, cylinders, octagons & other shapes, so as to reduce the cost of transportation & smelting, to speed up furnace charging.


Operation Mode 
The series of equipment can be operated under the control of manual valve or automatic control by PLC. Users can select the PLC in any model as they want. 

1. Any of our scrap metal baler is hydraulic driven with optional manual operation or automatic manipulation under the control of PLC.

2. Aside from the above mentioned bale out methods, the machine also allows the bale to be taken manually. 
3. The foot bolts are needless while installing the machine. 
4. If there is no power at site, this equipment can be powered by the diesel engine. 
5. To satisfy different customers in need, our machine is designed with tens of grades of compressing force ranging from 63ton to 500ton. Its production efficiency varies from 4ton to 50ton per shift. 


Bale discharging mode

Bales are turned out from the side of the chamber. 

Bales are pushed out from side of the chamber

Bales are pushed out from the front side of the chamber

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