Scrap Metal Recycle

Scrap Metal Recycle

Scrap Metal Recycle is used for the compression and and shearing of various light and heavy scrap metals comes from indstriul production and everyday life, such as light metal structural parts, and various plastic non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper materials, etc.) or directly extruding and cutting the above waste materials into smaller size for transportation and reusing process.
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Scrap Metal Recycle is mainly suitable for steel recoverying and processing indrstries, colored and black metal smelt industries. It can extrude every kinds of metal leftover materials, steel paring, waste copper and waste aluminum into qualified charging such as square column, cylinder, octagon body and other sharps. The purpose is reduce the costs of transportation and smelting.

Scrap Tin Cans Baler

Scrap Steel Metal Baler


1.Hydraulically driven, with manual operation or PLC automatic control.

2.Bale-discharging:"turn-out" , "push-out" , "foward-out" & manual discharging.
3.Installation of equipment without the need for anchor bolts for easy production or equipment layout adjustment.
4.Can be equipped with diesel engine as backup power supply.

5.Pressing from three side,pressed bales will have a higher density.

6.Simple operation, efficient and safe.

3.Automatic Feeding Conveyor (Optional)

High efficient conveyor enhanced the transportation and 
material-feeding process. Enormous amount of waste paper or 

other materials can be automatically transported from the ground into the baler, so it can reduce the factory space which the factory can increase the efficiency of daily operation. The conveyor is 

equipped with small control box on both sides with control 
buttons of Emergency Stop and Conveyor Pause, the main safety feature of our Conveyor, ensure there is no accident and operator can access control promptly and easily.\


a. All worn parts are packaged in plastic film and wooden cases.
b. The wire rope is used to fix the machine.
c. FCL: Shipped in standard export container

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