Scrap Steel Iron Aluminum Baler

Scrap Steel Iron Aluminum Baler

Scrap Steel Iron Aluminum Baler is used for the compressing and and shearing of various light and heavy scrap metals comes from industrial production and everyday life, such as light metal structural parts, and various plastic non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper materials, etc.) or directly extruding and cutting the above waste materials into smaller size for transportation and reusing process.
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Scrap Steel Iron Aluminum Baler for steel mills,recycling and processing industry and nonferrous,ferrous mental smelting  industry.Can be all kinds of Metal scrap,steelshavings,scrap steel,alumlnum,copper ,and other qualified charging squeezed into a rectangular,cylindrical,otagonal shape and other shapes to reduce the cost of transporation and smelting to rich.Product technical permance with industry leading level.And win the trust of users.

Hydraulic Metal Baling Press


1.It is designed as vertical structure, hydraulic transmission, electrical control 2.The working pressure from 10T to 100T optional. 3.This packing machine mainly is used for baling all kinds of waste paper, plastic, metal, textiles and other recyclable materials. 4.Pressing,baling and packing recycled materials quickly and easily.In the meanwhile,the bale machine can improve efficiency of crushing machines by making recycled materials easy to be crushed after pressing. 5.Besides reducing freight of transportation. Semi-automatic hydraulic bale machine also saves conveyance manpower and materials by pressing bulk materials into block after packing. 6.Good adaptability and long service life.


7 days 24 hours on line service, engineer oversea service is also available if necessary.

*Semi-automatic press system with force for economical volume reduction of residual (recyclable) materials.
*Variable structure – feed side/bale ejection – can be adapted to spatial conditions
*Easy binding of the pressed bales thanks to pre-cut wires with snap closure eyes.
*Highly reliable and user friendly
*Longevity Innovative control system

Light Metal Baler

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