Advantages Of Cast Iron Chip Briquetting Press

- Mar 24, 2021-

1. Hydraulic metal chip briquetting machine is mainly used to treat various metal chips (iron chips, copper chips, aluminum chips, etc.), powder and granular metal powder (iron powder, aluminum powder, copper powder, lead powder, etc.), smelting additives, Sponge iron, etc., are pressed into high-density cylindrical cakes (weight 2-8 kg) without adding any binder, and the cake density can reach more than 5T/M3 (the raw materials are different, and the density of the pressed cakes is also not weight. Not the same), the pressed cake can be directly used in the furnace, and the cast iron grade can reach HT200-250, and the cost of each ton of casting can be saved about 700 yuan. 2. The use of advanced hydraulic transmission technology, the use of high-quality wear-resistant oil seals, the cylinder is processed and assembled with the latest domestic high-tech technology, so as to ensure continuous operation without reducing the cylinder pressure, durable, stable operation; computer control, high automation, and failure rate Low, easy to maintain, etc. The machine adopts hydraulic transmission, compact structure, convenient removal, simple operation, easy maintenance, reliable sealing, and no foot screws during installation. Users can customize the packing specifications and sizes according to their needs to maximize the cooperation with transportation or storage. It is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs.