Analysis Of Processing Technology And Purchasing Skills Of Shearing Machine

- Nov 12, 2019-

Analysis of processing technology and purchasing skills of shearing machine

The shearing machine is mainly used to cut the straight edges of metal sheets of various sizes. It is widely used in various industrial sectors such as instruments, boilers, airplanes, steel rolling, automobiles, bridge electrical appliances, ships, tractors, and pressure vessels. The purchase of shears is crucial. During the purchase, you should pay attention to the following points:

First of all, according to their own demand parameters, determine the specifications of the purchase machine, but also take into account the need to expand the size of the enterprise after leaving a certain margin to determine the parameters of the machine. At the same time, we must also confirm which machines are purchased. Different manufacturers often produce different models. Manufacturers often provide various types of products by means of goods transfer.

Especially for the shearing machine, the range of the thickness of the shearing material, the size of the slitting machine, etc. Generally, if the sheet of the specification of 4 mm or less is cut, it is recommended to use a mechanical shearing machine to cut the sheet of 4 mm to 10 mm. It is recommended to use a hydraulic pendulum shearing machine to cut plates of 10mm-40mm size. It is recommended to use hydraulic gate shears.

Next, after obtaining the price, parameters, payment and delivery methods of the machine by contacting a plurality of production machines, it is generally preferred to select a manufacturer that is more reliable in terms of quality service after removing the highest and lowest prices.

Cutting machine processing technical requirements

Shearing machine is a kind of shearing equipment widely used in machining, which can cut steel plate materials of various thicknesses. Commonly used shearing machines are divided into three types: flat shear, rolling shear and vibration shear. The flat shears are used in large quantities. Shearing machines with a thickness of less than 10 mm are mostly mechanical transmissions, and those with a thickness greater than 10 mm are hydraulically driven. Single or continuous shearing of the metal is typically performed using a foot or button manipulation. Pay attention to the operation of the shearing machine:

1. Before work, carefully check whether the various parts of the shearing machine are normal, whether the electrical equipment is intact, whether the lubrication system is unblocked, and the tools, measuring tools and other debris and corner scraps are placed on the surface of the table.

2. Do not operate the shearing machine by one person alone. It should be coordinated by 2-3 people to feed, control dimensional accuracy and reclaim material, and be determined by one person to command.

3. Adjust the scissors gap of the shearing machine according to the specified thickness of the shearing plate. It is not allowed to cut two kinds of sheets of different specifications and different materials at the same time; The cut sheet requires a flat surface and is not allowed to cut narrower sheets that cannot be pressed.

4. The protective cover must be installed on the moving parts of the belt, flywheel, gear and shaft of the shearing machine.

5. The finger of the shearer operator should keep a distance of at least 200mm from the scissors opening and leave the pressing device. The protective fence placed on the trigger can't block the operator's eyes and can't see the cut. The waste generated after the operation is angular and the operator should remove it in time to prevent stab wounds and cuts.