Bicycle Scrap Iron Briquetting Machine-Crushed Metal Briquetting Press

- Mar 06, 2021-

The bicycle scrap iron briquetting machine is mainly used for cold pressing of scrap bicycle metal for storage, transportation, and recycling.

Equipment advantages: 1. Bicycle scrap iron briquetting machine is mainly used for bicycle metal, etc. to be pressed into high-density cylindrical cakes (weight 2-8 kg) without adding any binder, and the cake density can reach 5T/ Above M3 (the raw materials are different, the density of the pressed cake is not the same as the weight), the pressed cake can be directly used in the furnace, and the cast iron grade can reach HT200-250, and the cost of each ton of castings can be saved about 700 yuan. 2. The use of advanced hydraulic transmission technology, the use of high-quality wear-resistant oil seals, the cylinder is processed and assembled with the latest domestic high-tech technology, so as to ensure continuous operation without reducing the cylinder pressure, durable, stable operation; computer control, high automation, and failure rate Low, easy to maintain, etc. Working principle: The bicycle scrap iron briquetting machine can directly cold-press powdered cast iron scraps, steel scraps, copper scraps, aluminum scraps, high-quality mineral powders, etc. into cakes for storage, transportation, and recycling. After being pressed into a block, the loss is extremely low for recycling and use. The whole production process does not require heating, adding additives or other processes, and is directly formed by cold pressing, which also ensures that the original material remains unchanged. For example, cast iron scraps can be used instead of cast pig iron after forming. For castings of special materials, recycling is of greater significance.