Briquetting Press Is A Common Waste Processing Equipment

- Jan 11, 2021-

Metal briquetting machine is a common metal briquetting workshop, plate and strip workshop, turning workshop and other geometric waste processing equipment. It is especially suitable for processing single, thin, light and large-sized materials. It is mainly used for Cutting head, tail cutting, peeling in metal briquetting workshop, plate and strip workshop, etc., as well as the treatment of geometric waste generated in the production process;

Metal cutting workshop, treatment of a large amount of cutting waste; treatment of metal waste yard of waste home appliances and waste daily necessities;

Disposal of scrapped vehicles, scrapped trucks, buses, and family cars that were purchased in advance and entered the phase-out period. The number of scrapped vehicles will increase year by year. The number of vehicles to be processed will be in the millions, and the metal will be remelted. Must be crushed, cut (by means of a cutting machine), processed; and so on

If these waste products are not processed and compressed, they take up a lot of space, are fluffy, have a large volume, and are of small quality. They are not easy to transport, and it is not easy to remelt in the casting or smelting workshop. Therefore, the metal briquetting machine is an indispensable equipment for metal scrap processing. The amount of this kind of metal briquetting machine will have a significant growth trend. It is also urgent to standardize and serialize the design and production of such equipment.