Cast Iron Chip Briquetting Press

- Mar 28, 2021-

With the increasing demand for metal briquetting machines in the market, some production plants specializing in metal briquetting machines have emerged. The scrap metal briquetting machine is suitable for scrap metal recycling industries such as waste recycling stations, waste material recycling companies, steel mills, etc. The briquetting machine for scrap iron packs all kinds of scrap iron sheets, scrap color steel tiles, broken iron pieces, bicycle and motorcycle racks, paint buckets, cans and other light materials into rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal and other shapes , It is convenient for storage, loading, transportation and steel making. Advantages of scrap metal briquetting machine: small investment, generally small scrap collection stations can also afford it, the price is about 40,000 yuan, the investment risk is low, the rate of return is high; the scope of application: it can crush all kinds of light and thin materials Metal, including: iron sheets, color steel tiles, bicycles, motorcycles, paint buckets, all kinds of cans; easy to operate, low failure rate: use simple four-way multi-way valve operation, operate in the order from left to right, through The high-pressure oil pump pressurizes, and the reversing valve distributes hydraulic oil to different oil cylinders respectively, so as to push the oil cylinder forward to squeeze the waste material and squeeze the waste material into a shape. Easy installation and small footprint: The equipment does not need to lay the foundation, it can be flat. The shape is about 2.1 meters wide from left to right, and about 3 meters long from front to back, saving users a lot of floor space. With a distribution box to control the start and stop of the motor, it is convenient for the customer to cause a certain amount of power consumption during the filling process. When the customer is filling the material box, the motor can be stopped by the button of the distribution box, and the material is passed through The power distribution box button starts the motor to start pressing.

The metal briquetting machine is mainly to process some waste metals, making these metals more valuable than before. After the briquetting machine is processed, you can find that its material shape is more tidy, and the scrap metal There are very few attachments, its purity is relatively high, and its value has been better improved. Our company is a characteristic and representative production plant in the metal briquetting machine industry. The company is a mechanical equipment company specializing in the production and maintenance of metal briquetting machines. The company's products have the characteristics of many varieties, complete specifications, and strong matching. And can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements. The company has professional maintenance personnel to ensure that customers choose machinery and equipment without worries.