Cast Iron Chip Briquetting Press Can Recover And Process A Variety Of Metal Shavings

- Mar 12, 2021-

A large number of metal cutting processes in the production process of the machinery industry produce a large number of steel chips, cast iron chips, copper chips, and aluminum chips. If these chips are discarded, it will not only waste resources, but also seriously pollute the environment. It is an effective way to recover it, process it by a metal briquetting machine and then return it to the furnace for smelting.

The processing equipment for metal chips is a metal briquetting machine, whose processing method is to directly press cast iron chips, copper chips, and aluminum chips into a cylinder with higher density at room temperature. If it is a long strip of steel shavings, the steel shavings should be crushed before being pressed. The scrap steel briquetting machine processed by briquetting machine generally has a density of more than 4500kg/m3, which greatly reduces the volume of the scraps, improves the transportation capacity and can be recycled to the furnace for smelting, and can also reduce environmental pollution during transportation. The metal briquetting machine is automated The degree is high, and the productivity is also high. Generally, 160 tons to 500 tons of briquetting machines are used in China, and the productivity is one ton per hour to four tons per hour.