Crushed Metal Briquetting Press Makes Metal Scrap Recycling Easier

- Feb 16, 2021-

The metal scrap briquetting machine can press scraps produced in various industrial production and processing into blocks for easy transportation and recycling. In mechanical processing, a large amount of leftover materials are often produced. These leftover materials are usually irregular shapes or powder chips. Generally, they cannot be reused for processing and production, and can only be treated as waste products. However, the cost of processing these leftover materials is relatively high, and a large part It is the cost of transportation. Because of the irregular shape of these leftover materials, generally cannot meet the full load requirement of the vehicle during the loading process. Originally, the weight of a car can be pulled. Due to the irregular shape, more vehicles are needed for transportation. , So the cost has increased a lot. The metal scrap briquetting machine can press these irregularly shaped scraps into regular shapes, so that when loading, it can not only meet the full load requirements of the vehicle, but even reduce the volume of scraps due to high pressure pressing, which originally required several vehicles for transportation. The volume can now be completed by one vehicle, greatly reducing transportation costs. These metal scraps are usually transported to steel plants for re-smelting into new metal products. Metal scraps that have not been pressed are re-smelted due to irregular shapes and occupy a large space. Originally, one furnace can produce several Hundreds of thousands of tons of leftover materials can only be refined due to their irregular shapes. This greatly increases the cost of smelting and increases environmental pollution because of the "three steel-making wastes" (waste water, waste gas, Waste slag) pollution is serious. After the metal scraps are suppressed, the volume of these metal scraps is reduced, and the shape becomes regular. During smelting, it can meet the full-load requirements of the smelting furnace and reduce the discharge of three steel-making wastes, which protects the environment and reduces resource waste. , And accelerate the recycling speed of scraps. The emergence of the metal scrap briquetting machine has made the recycling of metal scrap more convenient and quick, and the metal scrap processing has become more efficient and environmentally friendly.