Details The Laws Followed By The Shearer

- Nov 10, 2019-

Details the laws followed by the shearer

The shearer carrier includes a master cylinder, a portion of the cylinder and the upper end of the fluid filling device. It consists of fuel tank power department, high pressure pump, low pressure control system, electric motor and various pressure valves and directional control valves. Electrical equipment, realized by multiple pumps and valves, as well as energy conversion, regulation and delivery, the current department under the control of the cylinder. The cycle of various process actions.

Classification of Shearing Machines: Many use Pascal's Law to use mechanical transmissions to carry out the pressure of the substance's liquid. Of course, the purpose can also be changed as needed. If the type of pressure liquid passes through the point, there are two major categories of hydraulic presses and hydraulic presses. The total pressure generated by the mainframe is often used for forging and stamping. The forging machine is divided into two types of forging machine forging machine. With die forging machines, shearing machines and free forging hydraulic presses will not die. The 10,000-ton Chinese manufacturing machine is a free forging hydraulic press.

A shearing machine is a device that uses liquid to transfer pressure. Pascal's law is followed when the liquid transfers pressure in a closed container.

The transmission system of the shearing machine is composed of a power mechanism, a control mechanism, an actuator, an auxiliary mechanism and a working medium.

Often referred to as the performance pump body dynamics mechanism, the pump is generally a positive shift. In order to meet the requirements of the actuator speed, use a pump or multiple pumps. Low pressure gear pump, vane pump medium pressure, high pressure piston pump.

1. Ask the equipment operator to find out the operating conditions of the shearer system equipment. These include: whether the shearing machine system works normally; whether the pump is abnormal; the time and result of the oil cleanliness; the filter cleaning and replacement; whether the component is adjusted before the fault occurs; whether the sealing component is replaced; What are the abnormal phenomena in the shearing machine system; in the past, what problems have occurred in the system, how to eliminate them, etc., need to be understood one by one.

2. Look at the actual working conditions of the shearing machine system and observe whether there are problems with system pressure, speed, oil, leakage, vibration, etc.

3. Listen to the sound of the shearing machine system, such as: impact sound; pump noise and abnormal sound; determine whether the system works normally.