Explain The Adjustment And Cleaning Of The Metal Baler

- Nov 05, 2019-

Explain the adjustment and cleaning of the metal baler

For different packaging requirements, the strapping specifications and materials used are different, and the metal baler often replaces the strapping during the packaging process. In this case, the original belt orientation does not meet the requirements of normal packaging, so the need to properly adjust to ensure the normal operation of the metal baler.

In addition to the need to adjust the direction of the conveyor belt, the cleaning is also one of the requirements for the smooth packaging of the baler. After a period of use, there will be dust on the machine. At this time, the dust should be cleaned in time to avoid the normal operation of the machine.

When you pack it, you can apply it on the machine with wind oil and then wipe it. At the same time, it is necessary to timely refuel the baler, but pay attention to the right amount, so as to avoid failure caused by the switch oil immersion.

The metal baler is the purpose of applying a certain pressure to the material to achieve the packaging. In fact, during its operation, it can be distinguished into three red working phases. Today, let’s come to know what these three stages are.

After the metal baler starts, it will enter the working state. The first stage is to simply press the metal cover with the cover; with the increase of the force, the pressing force will further increase and enter the initial tightening stage. The type of tightening may be a stamping motion of any two two hammers in different directions.

When investigating materials, it has been basically contracted, but it has not yet been completed, and it needs to be completed through the final tightening phase. In these three stages, the direction of force may be different, and the effect produced after the action is different, but the ultimate goal is to better complete the packaging process.