How To Choose A Good Metal Baler?

- Nov 06, 2019-

How to choose a good metal baler?

At present, the metal balers on the market are classified according to the varieties, and can be divided into waste box metal balers and open metal balers. With regard to scattered items, such as waste paper, textiles and other scraps, a waste box metal baler is essential. It is not only very powerful, but also saves a lot of room space. Regarding irregular products, it is necessary to select an open metal baler. It has no scale limitation on the metal baling body and can be adapted to various solid packagings to the greatest extent.

So how do you pick a good metal baler?

First and foremost, we must first look at the structural planning. Good metal balers are equipped with advanced mechanical planning and hydraulic planning. At least 8mm A3 steel plates are used, and they are not cracked due to pressure. Also, please see if there is no problem such as open welding in the later stage of planning. And used; outstanding and rigorous processing is also essential for a good machine. Good hydraulic metal balers use piston pumps, which greatly reduce the noise compared with the traditional gear pumps on the market, and can carry a pressure of 31.5Mpa compared with the largest load-bearing gear pump. It avoids the phenomenon of burning the motor due to the huge pressure that occurs during the operation; and the implementation of the strict hydraulic cylinder treatment ensures that each cylinder is pickled and oxidized, avoiding the normal operation in the application process.

Finally, it is crucial to choose a good manufacturer. This is related to product quality and future after-sales service. A good manufacturer can provide customers with personalized customized services, tailored to the actual needs of customers. Customized, real customers get benefits, energy saving, increase operating power and reduce costs.

Daily protection and maintenance of metal balers

The daily protection and maintenance of metal balers, generally have daily maintenance and weekly maintenance, also known as daily maintenance and weekly insurance.

1. Daily insurance

(1) Check if there is any oil leakage in each tubing before the shift.

Scrub the equipment and smooth it as required. Check if the link pins of each part are reliable. Check whether the sound of the metal baler is normal.

(2) Pay attention to the class

Pay attention to the sound of work, the temperature, pressure, liquid level, electrical and hydraulic pressure of the equipment, whether it is safe and sound.

(3) After the shift

Turn off the switch, remove paper dust, dirt, clean the oil on the rail surface and sliding surface of the device, and add oil. Clean the work site and clean up the accessories and tools. Fill in the records of the handover class and the work desk, and handle the handover procedures.