How To Repair The Shearing Machine?

- Nov 17, 2019-

How to repair the shearing machine?

How to repair the failure of the shearing machine? When we found a problem with the shearing machine in the middle, how can we calmly deal with the problem?

1. General failure

(1) The orifice is blocked, and the system has no main pressure relief valve. Improper adjustment, the spring is broken, the valve cone is not sealed well or the valve core is stuck. Clean, grind, adjust, overhaul or replace the relief valve. The electromagnetic reversing valve is faulty and the valve core is stuck. Clean, grind or replace the slide valve.

(2) The slider does not work but can rely on its own weight. The axial piston pump cannot supply the pressure oil: the oil strip is short of oil; the maintenance start button, the motor fails to start. AC contactors and thermal relays and motors; the plunger pump itself fails, disassembles or replaces the plunger pump.

(3) The main oil line relief valve is faulty. It may be that the damping hole is blocked improperly, the spring is broken or the valve core is rusted and stuck. Need to adjust, repair or replace the relief valve.

(4) The slider of the shearing machine is not paralleled and the deflated valve hand wheel is deflated, and there is air in the balance cylinder. Fill the oil and remove the air, then loosen the valve.

(5) The bleed valve has a leak, remove the seal of the vent valve's tapered surface, and repair or replace the bleed valve.

(6) The one-way valve has an internal leakage, and the sealing of the check surface of the one-way valve is removed. The grinding cone sealing surface is preferably in line contact or the one-way valve is replaced.

(7) Balance the cylinder rod head oblique iron fastening screw loose, check and strengthen the piston rod head oblique iron strong screws.

2. Exclusion steps / methods

(1) The slider cannot be turned down and the electromagnetic reversing valve cannot be reversed. Repair or replace the housing fixing screw loose. Check the circuit check and tighten; the valve of the reversing valve is stuck. Clean, grind or replace the slide valve.

(2) One-way throttle valve body is stuck or shut down for inspection and cleaning.