Introduce The Maintenance Knowledge Of Metal Balers

- Nov 01, 2019-

Introduce the maintenance knowledge of metal balers

Metal balers can greatly reduce the labor force, bring convenience to our company, and bring benefits, but the best things, there will be problems when the time, let Xutian Machinery tell us about some active packaging Repair knowledge:

Learn some about the repair of metal balers.

Do not take the initiative

1. The potentiometer with the length control is at the zero position.

The belt length control potentiometer is in the second position from the left on the front panel switch. Adjusting clockwise, the length of the tape is longer and vice versa; if it is at zero, the tape is not.

2. Wearing the belt is not correct.

Open the right door and wear the belt correctly according to the “Pull-in Process” method on the fifth page of the clarification book or the wearing belt in the right door.

3. There are foreign objects in the upper and lower extensions.

Long-term use of the machine, but also failed to clean and maintain in time, resulting in the accumulation of stolen goods inside the machine, so that the delivery belt is not smooth, should be more clean and maintenance.

4. The belt pulley has an incorrect clearance.

The gap between the pair of belt rollers is critical to the normal belt feeding, and the adjustment of the gap is explained on page 10 of the clarification. Carefully adjust, adjust to the belt roller gap only when the thickness of the belt is 0.05~1mm.

5. The selected PP tape is too thick or too thin.

Because there are many PP belt manufacturers, the thickness is also inconsistent, should be selected according to requirements; if not, please carefully adjust the gap between the rollers and the rollers according to the clarification.

6. The electromagnet is not working properly.

The electromagnet does not work. First check whether the electromagnet connection soldering head is off, and then check if the coil is burnt out. If the two are not abnormal, you should check whether the electromagnet is displaced or blocked by the object, so that the bullet can't move freely.

Not retreating

1. There are foreign objects in the upper and lower extensions.

The countersunk screws with foreign objects or fixed tape guides in the upper and lower extensions are loose, and the straps are caught. Remove the upper extension to remove foreign objects.

2. The crossbar 635 bearing breaks.

If the balance of the crossbar is not properly adjusted, it is easy to form a crossbar to form a break. It should be clarified that the book is properly adjusted in place.

3. Undo the gap.

Since the retracting roller has the function of tightening the belt, when the gap between the advancing and retracting belt rollers is adjusted, the retracting roller should be mainly used, and the gap of the retracting roller is adjusted to be 0.05 to 0.1 mm more than the thickness of the belt.