Matters Needing Attention In The Production Process Of Briquetting Press

- Jan 13, 2021-

The problems are as follows:

1. When conveying metal scrap to the metal briquetting machine, the cutting speed should be controlled to avoid blockage caused by too fast cutting, and too slow cutting will affect production efficiency;

2. The raw materials must be filtered first to filter out impurities and other things to avoid damage to the mold and pollution;

3. Be careful in the process of blanking, pay attention to whether there is material leakage, and avoid small metal scraps falling on the cylinder piston rod, pushing and pulling back and forth to damage the cylinder;

4. Pay attention to the condition of the material in the material box to avoid uneven feeding, which may cause the formed cake to be out of shape or cracks;

5. In the pressing process of the metal briquetting machine, try to suppress metal scraps of the same material. If you need to replace the raw materials, you need to adjust the pressure of the metal briquetting machine;

6. During the operation of the metal briquetting machine, the operator must carefully observe the equipment of the metal briquetting machine. If there is any abnormality, oil leakage or noise, the production should be stopped immediately for maintenance.