Metal Baler Operation Skills Raiders

- Nov 15, 2019-

Metal baler operation skills Raiders

1. The metal baler is equipped with a buffer silo and variable frequency feeding equipment. Since the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone is broken by the principle of laminating crushing, it requires uniform filling of the material and a large amount of feeding. Therefore, when installing and using the equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the buffer silo in front of the equipment. The continuity of the material. The feeding amount of equipment should be accurately adjustable and controllable. It is recommended to install variable frequency feeding equipment to ensure stable feeding of the equipment.

2. Install the center feeding device. The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone breaking input and discharge is also an important factor affecting the crushing effect and service life. The metal baler equipment needs to be equipped with a central feeding device to ensure its center feeding. The discharge of the equipment must be kept smooth to prevent the materials from being deposited under the equipment due to excessive moisture, excessive or excessive powder, and damage the equipment.

3. The metal baler is equipped with a de-ironing device and a backstop for the belt conveyor. The belt conveyor is a device for feeding multi-cylinder hydraulic cones, so the correct configuration of the belt conveyor is also related to the good operation of the equipment. The feeding belt conveyor should be equipped with iron removal equipment to prevent damage to the equipment caused by the cone being broken. The backstop device prevents the material from falling too far when the feed belt conveyor is stopped, thereby reducing the trouble of the belt conveyor stopping the production.

With the rapid development of the industrial industry, the demand to be met is also getting higher and higher. At the same time of rapid development, waste generation is also increasing. How to solve the waste materials generated by industrial production has become a major problem. Let us introduce the metal packing machine used in the metal recycling industry and the metal smelting industry.

There are many types of metal balers, such as scrap balers and scrap iron balers. The main role is to turn waste into treasure and reuse resources. The principle is to put the metal type of corner material, scrap steel, scrap iron and other waste into the machine box, and press it into a designed metal block by means of a hydraulic cylinder, and then put it into production. Recycling and reuse of resources is achieved to maximize metal usage.