Overhaul Of Hydraulic Metal Baler Machine

- Jan 03, 2021-

The application of metal baler is very extensive, precisely because of its overloaded work, so under the long-term and high-intensity work of the equipment, failures are inevitable. Many times our equipment instructions will show our range of values. Please be clear at this time. This value normally refers to the laboratory environment. Your working environment is not equivalent to the laboratory environment, so the actual If you do not strictly follow the operating procedures of the metal baler during the operation, the probability of equipment failure will be even greater.

Before disassembling the hydraulic cylinder of the metal baler, the gear oil circuit should be used to relieve the pressure. Otherwise, when the connector that is connected to the hydraulic cylinder is unscrewed, the high pressure oil in the return fuel pipe will be sprayed out. When the hydraulic pressure control circuit is relieved, the handle or variable pressure screw of the speed control valve should be first unscrewed to throw off the working pressure oil, and then the switch power or energy source should be disconnected to prompt the hydraulic control valve to terminate operation.

Avoid damaging the external thread of the piston top, the external thread of the oil hole, the surface of the piston, the inner cavity of the cylinder liner, etc. during disassembly and assembly. In order to avoid bending or deformation of long and thin parts such as pistons, the stow support points should be balanced when placing them.

The disassembly and assembly of the hydraulic cylinder of the metal baler should be carried out in a neat and clean natural environment to avoid being polluted by the surrounding dust, residue and other waste environment. The parts after disassembly and assembly should be protected against contamination.

Before disassembly and assembly of the hydraulic cylinder of the metal baler, the hydraulic oil in the two chambers of the hydraulic cylinder should be drained.

The metal baler should be inspected carefully after disassembly and assembly to determine which parts can be used again and which parts need to be overhauled.

The disassembly and assembly of the metal baler shall be carried out in order. Because of the different ways of various hydraulic cylinders, the disassembly sequence is also slightly different. Generally, the cylinder head must be disassembled first, and the piston rod and piston must be disassembled finally. When disassembling and assembling the cylinder head of the hydraulic cylinder, tools must be used for the internal key-type connection of the key or the ductile flat washer, and the use of flat shovel is strictly prohibited: the flange-type bearing end cover must be injected with screws, and hammering is not allowed Hard pry. When the piston rod and piston cannot be drawn out, you do not need to force them out. You need to find out the reason before disassembling and assembling them. Forcing them out will cause scratches.