Safety Issues Of Hydraulic Metal Baler Machine

- Dec 28, 2020-

1. Before operation, wear work clothes, fasten the cuffs, and not open the hem of the jacket. Do not wear, take off, or wrap around the body next to the machine to prevent the machine from being twisted. Wear a work cap, braids should be put in the cap, no skirts or slippers; 2. Before the baler works, start the equipment idling for 1-3 minutes, and check whether the fuel tank oil level is sufficient, the sound of the oil pump is normal, the hydraulic unit and the pipeline , Whether the joints and pistons are leaking, after the cover cylinder handle is pulled to the return position when turning the package, then push the turning handle. The surrounding area of the package turning board should be cleaned in time every time the package is turned over to prevent it from getting stuck. When packing, the operator must pay attention to safety, spread the material evenly and in place, and close the lid door above to start packing; 3. When packing The hydraulic operating handle should be quickly pushed to the designated position to prevent valve blockage and insufficient hydraulic oil flow, which may cause the motor to overcurrent. Every action is in place, the valve handle needs to be restored to the neutral position; 4. When the machine is stopped, the door cover should be closed, then the motor should be stopped, and the power supply should be cut off; all hydraulic rods must be retracted into the hydraulic cylinder after the packaging is completed to prevent dust damage Oil leakage due to the sealing ring; 5. Perform regular maintenance work, and immediately find the oil leakage in the oil pipe to find a machine to repair it; if an abnormality is found, stop the operation immediately and eliminate the cause before proceeding; 6. After the box cover door is opened, it is strictly forbidden to press the door Operation to prevent accidents; 7. When multiple people operate at the same time, the division of labor should be clear to avoid the danger of misoperation. Those who do not understand the main machine structure, performance and operating procedures are not allowed to start the machine without authorization; 8. Stop the machine immediately when there is a serious oil leak or an abnormal phenomenon occurs during work. Do not look at the place where the oil is sprayed, do not directly remove the blockage with your hands, do not forcefully operate with diseases; 9. When the machine is running or packing, do not repair or touch the moving parts with your hands, and it is strictly forbidden to touch the material with your hands or feet Press the material in the box; 10. When adjusting the pump, valve, and pressure gauge, it must be carried out by experienced technicians. If the pressure gauge is found to be faulty, it should be repaired or replaced immediately. 11. The oil in the oil tank must be strictly filtered and always maintain sufficient oil. The oil tank should be cleaned and replaced every six months. The lubrication points of the equipment should be filled with lubricant at least once per shift as required, and the debris in the cavity should be cleaned once per shift; only by keeping the safety points in mind, can the metal packaging be fully utilized With the advantages of the machine in item packaging, the metal baler can work better for us.