Solution To Insufficient Pressure Of Cast Iron Chip Briquetting Press

- Mar 20, 2021-

The scrap iron briquetting machine has no pressure or the pressure cannot rise. Generally speaking, it is caused by insufficient hydraulic system pressure, lack of hydraulic oil or broken electronic valve. The specific treatment is as follows: 1. Appropriately increase the main spool damping Hole diameter, under normal circumstances, the diameter of the domestic standard relief valve orifice is 0.8-1.5mm, but it can be changed to 1.5-1.8mm. This has little effect on the static characteristics, but the lag time can be greatly reduced and the pressure can rise quickly.

2. Disassemble and wash the main valve and pilot valve, and use 0.8-1.0m steel wire-through the main spool orifice, or blow through with compressed air, which can eliminate the problem of slow pressure rise in most cases. 3. Reduce the lifting height of the main spool. For example, a 3-4.5mm thick gasket is placed on the upper end of the main spool of the y1-10b valve. The lag time can be 2s to 0.4s. In addition, two concentric overflows are selected. Flow valves are better in this regard. 4. Use a nylon brush to remove the burrs on the sharp edges of the main valve core and valve body groove to ensure that the gap between the main valve core and the valve hole can move flexibly within the range of 0.008-0.015mm. For overflow valves with large diameters, The fit clearance can be appropriately larger. 5. The plate valve should be overtightened by grasping a screw, and the pipe joint of the pipe valve should not be overtightened to prevent the valve hole from being deformed. If the valve seat is damaged, it will cause the cone valve to be worn and severely strained. Replace it or repair it by grinding to make it tight. If it is a hydraulic pump problem, repair the hydraulic pump or replace the hydraulic pump. 6. Springs that are missing, incorrectly installed and broken should be reinstalled or replaced; when remote pressure regulation is not required, the remote control port should be blocked or plugged with a rosette.