Steel Iron Chip Briquetting Press Is Of Great Importance To Our Industry

- Jan 17, 2021-

Metal briquetting machine is a common metal briquetting workshop, plate and strip workshop, turning workshop and other geometric waste processing equipment. It is especially suitable for processing single, thin, light and large-sized materials. It is mainly used for Metal briquetting workshops, plate and strip workshops and other cutting, tailing, peeling, and the treatment of geometric waste generated during the production process; metal cutting workshops, processing a large amount of cutting waste; metal waste yards for waste home appliances and waste daily necessities Disposal of waste vehicles; disposal of scrapped trucks, buses, and family cars that were purchased in advance and entered the phase-out period. The number of waste cars will increase year by year, and the number to be processed will be millions of vehicles, which are metal recycling Remelting must be crushed, cut (with the aid of a cutting machine), processed; and so on.

If these waste products are not processed and compressed, they take up a lot of space, are fluffy, have a large volume, and are of small quality. They are not easy to transport, and it is not easy to remelt in the casting or smelting workshop. Therefore, the metal briquetting machine is an indispensable equipment for metal scrap processing. The amount of this kind of metal briquetting machine will have a significant growth trend. It is urgent to standardize and serialize the design and production of such equipment. The main body of the usual metal briquetting machine includes a rectangular parallelepiped chamber for holding metal scrap, an upper cover that closes the chamber, a hydraulic cylinder installed at one end of the chamber for primary compression of metal, and lateral hydraulic pressure for secondary compression. The cylinder is composed of several parts. The basic working process is as follows: load scrap metal scraps into the scrap metal chamber, close the lid to seal the metal to be processed in the chamber; start the main tank, perform a compression, and stop when it reaches a predetermined position; The cylinder is activated to perform secondary compression; after completion, the block hydraulic cylinder is reset, the cover is opened, and the compressed metal block is taken out through the ejector or other lifting machinery. Whether to install an ejection cylinder or use a manipulator to clamp out the metal compression block is determined according to the needs. In addition to the main engine part, the metal briquetting press is also equipped with a hydraulic station and an electric control device. The operation of the whole machine can realize automatic control.