Tell Us About The Things You Need To Pay Attention To When Using Metal Balers

- Nov 07, 2019-

Tell us about the things you need to pay attention to when using metal balers

Balers (metal balers, metal shears, hydraulic metal balers, heavy waste shears, heavy scrap shears) are the strapping machines we often use to pack all kinds of items, we use the time of the machine. To operate according to the rules, do not blindly, let's take a closer look at what you need to pay attention to when using the baler.

1. First of all, pay attention to some matters when using electrical components. For example, when repairing and adjusting the baler, be sure to pay attention to blocking the power switch, unplug the power plug, and touch the electronic control box when the power is turned on. The transformer will have electric shock. risks of. In addition, the external insulation is damaged, and contact with the body can cause an electric shock, which is very risky.

2. Secondly, regarding the heater, the heater will be burnt if it is in direct contact with the hand at a high temperature (about 230 degrees). We need to cool down for a while after plugging the power supply before returning to normal temperature.

3. Third, during the operation of the machine, it is forbidden to put the hand or the head into the frame. If the head or hand is inserted into the frame, it will cause damage to the body by the baler. 4. Fourth, when we take the top panel off, pay attention to plug the power switch first, unplug the power supply, and then repair and adjust the machine.

The normal temperature of the hydraulic oil of the metal baler should be controlled between 35 and 60 °C. Summer is coming, and as the temperature rises, the temperature of the hydraulic oil of the metal baler will also rise. When the temperature of the oil exceeds 60 ° C, the viscosity of the oil will decrease significantly, the leakage will increase, and the oil film of each sliding part will be destroyed, which will increase the wear of the hydraulic components, thereby accelerating the speed of oil temperature rise. When the oil temperature reaches 80 ° C or above, due to the difference in thermal expansion coefficient of the hydraulic components, the gap between the moving components and the operating state will change abnormally. The gap becomes larger, the oil leakage is aggravated; the gap becomes smaller, and the phenomenon of "catch" may occur between the components, making it unable to move, causing thermal deformation of the machine and destroying the original precision.