The Advantages Of Crushed Metal Briquetting Press For Pressing Metal Shavings

- Mar 04, 2021-

Scrap iron briquetting machine is a professional type of metal scrap briquetting machine, which mainly squeezes various metal scraps, steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, stainless steel, scrap cars, non-metal scrap barrels, etc. Qualified charge of various shapes such as rectangle, cylinder, octagon, etc., to reduce transportation and torch cost. The advantages of using scrap iron briquetting machine to press metal shavings are:

High-quality materials can be provided: if the waste is directly pressed, corrosion can be effectively prevented, and the exposed surface of the material is greatly reduced. This avoids the formation of oxides. In the process of briquetting, cooling lubricant can be extracted and reused at the same time, saving cost.

Logistics and warehousing advantages: Briquetting can be stored and transported like solid waste. Because of their high bulk density, they can be easily stored and transported at low cost.

Advantages related to smelting: In the foundry, briquettes are a valuable resource, and briquettes are easy to manage and add, reducing smelting time and saving energy costs.

Economic advantages of briquetting scraps: The above factors make the pressed scrap metal scraps more valuable than the original. The source of the metal chip briquette may be a processing company that does not have a foundry, and the chips can be sold at a better price after processing.

The scrap iron briquetting machine can reuse waste materials, and more importantly, it can promote the conversion of a series of economic chains, and at the same time respond to the country's current economic development policy: take the road of sustainable development.