The Maintenance Method Of Ferroalloy Chip Briquetting Machine Failure

- Jan 23, 2021-

The metal briquetting machine is a hydraulic equipment integrating machinery, hydraulics, electrical and automation. When operating the metal briquetting machine, customers must first be trained to understand the composition of each component of the metal briquetting machine in detail, and then operate the metal press Block machine. There are also many customers who purchase metal briquetting machines do not know much about metal briquetting machines, and there will be one or another failure during use or maintenance. In order to improve the ability of operators and users to solve metal briquetting machine failures, a brief introduction If the metal briquetting machine fails, how to maintain it.

1. Alternative method: This is a relatively simple method, which is very suitable for operators with inexperienced skills and experience, but this method is time-consuming, laborious, and not efficient. This method is to replace the parts on the equipment with the same parts, and then start the metal briquetting machine. If the metal briquetting machine can work normally, it means that the part is faulty. If the fault is not resolved, continue to replace in turn until the fault is found until.

2. For experienced operators, they can use their rich experience to carefully check the various parts of the metal briquetting machine, and have a certain understanding of the performance and working principle of the metal baler. In the event of a failure, the maintenance personnel can completely listen to The sound and working conditions of the equipment can roughly determine which part of the metal baler is malfunctioning.

3. Analysis method: This method is a combination of the first two methods. There is no need to disassemble the equipment, let alone replace parts directly. It only needs to analyze which part of the failure occurs through the failure manifestation, and then repair it. Although this method is very efficient, it places higher requirements on the maintenance level of maintenance personnel.

Under normal circumstances, the failure of the metal briquetting machine is mostly due to the contamination of hydraulic oil and impurities. Instead of waiting for the problem to be solved, it is better to do the maintenance and maintenance of the metal briquetting machine carefully in the usual work process to avoid failure happened. If the metal briquetting machine fails, it should be shut down immediately to find out the cause of the failure and troubleshoot.