The Non-metallic Baler Is A New Advanced Pneumatic Packaging Machine For Balers.

- Nov 09, 2019-

The non-metallic baler is a new advanced pneumatic packaging machine for balers. Mainly used in carton enterprises and paper packaging production enterprises. Non-metal baler is suitable for carton packing, paper packing, parcel letter packing, medicine box packing, light industry packing, hardware tool packing, ceramic product packing, auto parts packing, daily chemical packaging, stylistic packaging, component packaging, aluminum type Packing and bundling of various sizes of goods such as packaging of materials. Wide range of use, no matter the size of the package, you can pack without adjusting the machine. The machine is a mechanical structure, some imported parts, the rear blade is stable and reliable, and the adjustment is convenient.

1. Projector group 2. Motor 3. Electric heater 4. Operation panel 5. Bow price 6. To pulley 7. Brake lever 8. Reel 9. Pulley 10. Left, center, right knife 11. Chain 12. Stop Arm 13. Fully automatic heart set 14. Left knife cam middle knife cam, right knife cam, pallet cam 15. Spacer 16. Inductive block 17. Upper and lower pallets 18. Guide arm 19. Left and right guide blocks 20. Brake discs, etc.

Feature editing

High and low

 The type can be changed, and the high-profile type becomes the low-profile type. Only the reel is moved from the belly of the machine to the right side of the chassis, and then the four short-legged tubes and the brake lever can be replaced. Otherwise, the low-profile type becomes the high platform. type;

2. The height of the machine can be adjusted according to the height and work requirements of the operator;

3. When the work site is uneven, the length of the four leg tubes can be adjusted to keep the machine level.

Bundling mode editing

1. Continuous bundling method: no need to operate any switch, the machine is continuously bundled at the set interval, which is suitable for the flow operation of mass production.

2. Manual bundling method: Each time the bucking button switch is pressed and bundled once, it is suitable for occasions where the production speed is relatively slow or scattered.

3. Automatic strapping method: (This series of baler market is the most extensive) has the following operation methods:

a. Ball switch: The ball switch is set on the work surface, and the bundled object moves on the work surface, and when the ball switch is pressed, it will be automatically bundled.

b. Foot switch: Every time the foot switch is pressed, the object is packed once.