The Reason Why Horizontal Hydraulic Press Is Valued

- Jan 31, 2021-

The metal briquetting machine is a kind of equipment that directly cold presses various metal scraps under high pressure. In order to facilitate the storage, transportation and recycling of the metal scraps, and the metal scraps are compressed by the metal briquetting machine before being put into the furnace The loss of internal recycling and use is also very low. At present, metal briquetting machines are very popular in various fields. This article briefly describes the reasons for the popularity.

With the rapid development of society, my country’s industrial sector is also advancing rapidly, such as real estate and automobile industries are constantly developing, so the demand for metal raw materials in the market is also increasing, but the excessive exploitation and smelting of natural resources A series of problems such as energy consumption have also appeared, so recycling has become an important solution to the utilization of market resources.

We all know that there will be a large amount of metal cutting in the production process of the machinery industry, which will inevitably produce a lot of metal scraps, such as copper scraps, steel scraps and aluminum scraps. If these scraps are thrown away, it will not only cause resources Waste will also cause serious pollution to the environment, so it is more reasonable to recycle it.

 The metal briquetting machine is a way of performing resource recovery and recycling of the above metal scraps. This equipment can directly press copper scraps, aluminum scraps and other metal scraps into a cylinder with higher density at room temperature. In the whole process, since there is no process such as heating up or adding auxiliary agents, it will not affect the performance of the original material. Therefore, metal briquetting machines are more valued in the current market.