What Are The Wear Phenomena Of Metal Balers?

- Nov 04, 2019-

What are the wear phenomena of metal balers?

The metal baler is the same as other machines, and it will also have some bad phenomena. Wear is a common one. The wear phenomenon of the baler is divided into two types, one is adhesive wear and the other is normal wear. Do you know the cause and specific performance of the baler? The following line will introduce.

The so-called adhesive wear is the phenomenon that the material of the contact surface is transferred from one appearance to the other due to the solid phase welding at the contact point. When the baler is soldered, the temperature at the actual contact point presents two different conditions, perhaps exceeding or not exceeding the melting point.

Followed by normal wear and tear, the wear and tear in the prescribed limit is attributed to it, and there will be some roughness in the initial stage of the wear attack. In general, the smaller the actual contact surface, the faster the wear will be. When the appearance of the parts gradually appears to be smooth, the metal baler enters a normal and stable wear stage.

The pressure reducing valve is a very important part of the metal baler. Its operation has a direct impact on the normal operation of all the equipment. Therefore, once the pressure reducing valve presents a problem, the packing operation cannot be smoothly ended. But sometimes the doubts are unavoidable, so you can only master the relevant treatment.

If it is not a quality question, but the inlet and outlet ports of the metal baler pressure reducing valve are reversed, the result is the same, so the time of use must be done in the vicinity of the valve port to avoid the wrong connection. If the pressure at the inlet is not up to the operating specification, the pressure will become lower after the relief valve is saved. At this point, it can be considered that the pressure relief valve is connected in series with the relief valve.

If the valve is not working properly due to the problem of dirt or assembly, the clean and reasonable equipment pressure reducing valve should be cleaned from the ground so that its function in the metal baler can be fully and effectively ensured the efficient end of the packing operation.