What Should You Pay Attention To When Installing, Disassembling And Migrating Equipment?

- Nov 11, 2019-

What should you pay attention to when installing, disassembling and migrating equipment?

The installation and removal of the shearing machine equipment shall be carried out in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and the special installation and removal plan.

Before the migration of machinery and equipment, the upper clearance of the bridges and culverts on the driving route and the carrying capacity of the roads and bridges should be ascertained. When passing the bridge, slow down at low speed and do not turn or brake on the bridge. For bridges with insufficient carrying capacity, reinforcement measures must be made in advance.

The mechanical equipment must be installed on a flat, solid site, and the soft ground must be compacted and padded with abutments and planks. The rig that works on the rig, the rig chassis and the rig must be reliably connected.

Mechanical equipment must be installed in a stable, positive level. The slewing center of the rotary drilling rig and the vertical line of the groove of the pulley of the impact rig (crushing) rig shall be aligned with the position of the pile hole, and the deviation shall not exceed the allowable value of the design (10 to 15 mm).

A strong protective railing or guard must be installed on the outside of the transmission part of the machine (bright gear, universal wheel, belt and pressure wheel). The wire rope for the pressure wheel must be covered with a protective cover.

The thickness of the wooden board laid on the gantry (platform) shall not be less than 50mm; when laying the steel plate, the steel plate surface shall have anti-slip measures.

The ladder, workbench and protective railing of the tower must be installed firmly and reliably, and the net height of the protective railing should be no less than 1.2m. The caster and the sky wheel must use cast steel parts, and the sky wheel must have a crane baffle. A wire rope lifting limiter and a safety barrier to prevent wire rope jumps must be installed.

The tower shall not be installed under the overhead transmission line. When the tower is erected (installed) or laid down (disassembled), a certain safe operating distance must be maintained between the outer edge of the tower and the edge of the overhead transmission line. Provisions of 2.0.16 and 4.0.17.

When installing, disassembling and migrating the tower, it must obey the uniform command of the machine (class) or technicians. It is strictly forbidden for the workers to throw tools and objects up and down. It is strictly forbidden to work at the same time under the tower. It is strictly forbidden to store and disassemble on the tower or in the high position. Tools and objects. When erecting or lowering the tower as a whole, the constructor should leave the tower's inverted range.

When the equipment is moved in the field, the operator should first check and clear the obstacles on the way, and must set up a special person to look after the cable to prevent rolling damage. Unrelated personnel should be evacuated to safety.

When moving the platform by rail or roller, the operator should first check the safety conditions such as rails, pulleys, rollers, wire ropes, and leg cylinders. When moving, the load should be stable and uniform to prevent dumping.

When the car loading rig is displaced, the mast should be lowered, the cable, the hose, and the drilling rig should be placed in place, and the wheel should be wedged with the triangular wood immediately, and the leg should be placed on the abutment.

When transporting machinery and equipment with a car, it is necessary to secure the object and secure it. The loading and unloading should be carried out by experienced personnel. Do not load overload. The springboard used in the human loading and unloading truck must have sufficient strength and be equipped with anti-slip barriers. The slope of the racking shall not exceed 20 °C, and the end of the floor shall be protected against sliding.

The installation height of the tripod or the herringbone frame of the impact drill and the punching cone shall not be less than 7.5m, the angle between the legs shall not be less than 75°C, the bottom leg shall be fixed, the flat handle shall be installed, the safety factor shall not be less than 5, and the safety factor of the wire rope shall be Not less than 6.