When The Cast Iron Chip Briquetting Press Is Applied, The Hydraulic System Causes Noise

- Mar 22, 2021-

The emergence of metal briquetting machines has played a significant role in environmental protection. Metal briquetting machines are mainly used for briquetting of scrap metal, which is convenient for better transportation and recycling applications. Briquetting machines sometimes appear when they are used. The hydraulic system causes noise. What should I do at this time?

Excessive damage to the internal parts of the hydraulic pump, such as the wear and tear of the piston pump cylinder body and the valve plate, the plunger and the plunger hole, etc., makes the internal leakage of the hydraulic pump serious. When the hydraulic pump outputs high pressure and small flow oil Liquid will cause flow pulsation, resulting in higher noise. At this time, the deflection angle of the variable mechanism of the pilot system can be appropriately increased to improve the influence of internal leakage on the output flow of the pump. The servo valve spool of the hydraulic pump and the piston that controls the flow will also be locally worn and strained, causing the piston to pulsate during the movement, resulting in fluctuations in the output flow and pressure of the hydraulic pump, resulting in greater vibration and noise at the pump outlet . At this time, the parts with severe wear and strain can be brushed, plated, researched or modified. 

The hydraulic pump valve plate is one of the key components that easily cause noise. In the application, due to surface layer abrasion or sludge deposition on the unloading groove, the valve plate will shorten the unloading groove and change the unloading position, causing oil trapping and higher noise. In the whole process of all normal repairs, the valve plate repaired by flat grinding will also have the serious consequences of shortening the unloading groove. If the metal briquetting machine does not immediately lengthen it appropriately, it will also cause a lot of noise. During the whole assembly process, the large unloading groove of the valve plate must be installed in the high pressure chamber of the pump. The metal briquetting machine and its sharp angle must be opposite to the rotation direction of the cylinder, otherwise it will cause a lot of noise to the system. 

The overflow valve is easy to cause high-frequency noise. The key is the unstable performance of the pilot valve, which is the noise caused by the air vibration caused by the high-frequency oscillation of the pressure in the front cavity of the pilot valve.

The main reasons are:

(1) Air is mixed into the oil and cavitation is formed in the front cavity of the pilot valve, which causes high-frequency noise. At this time, exhaust the air in time and prevent outside air from entering again. 

(2) The needle valve of the metal briquetting machine is excessively worn due to frequent activation during use, so that the needle valve cone and the valve seat cannot be tightly closed, resulting in unstable pilot flow, pressure fluctuations and noise. In this case, it should be immediately Repair or replace. 

(3) The pressure regulating function of the pilot valve is unstable due to the fatigue deformation of the spring, which promotes large pressure fluctuations and causes noise. At this time, the spring should be replaced. 

The noise of the hydraulic cylinder, the oil mixed with air or the air in the hydraulic cylinder is not completely drained, will cause cavitation under the action of high pressure and cause a lot of noise. At this time, the air must be exhausted in time. If the cylinder head oil seal is too tight or the piston rod is bent, it will cause noise during the whole movement. At this time, you must immediately replace the oil seal or straighten the piston rod.

When the hydraulic system of the metal briquetting machine causes noise, you can also refer to the above points that I told you today to do a check. When you encounter any problems when using the metal briquetting machine, please contact us.